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Prizes and scholarships

The "Volkmar-Sachs-Preis" is intended to honour physicians who have rendered outstanding services to clinical transfusion medicine, in particular to its cooperation with other disciplines, or who, in addition to their professional and scientific activities, have been particularly committed to professional politics.

Any member of the society can submit proposals for the "Volkmar-Sachs-Preis" in written and substantiated form to the office by 1st March 2024 (kontakt@dgti.de).

At the opening ceremony on the occasion of the DGTI Annual Congress in Düsseldorf in September 2024, the "Karl-Landsteiner-Vorlesung" is to be given by an internationally recognised personality in the field of transfusion medicine and/or its border areas.

Members of the society can submit well-founded proposals to the office by 1st March 2024 (kontakt@dgti.de).

The Board of the DGTI intends to award the "Fritz Schiff Preis" in 2024.

The "Fritz Schiff Preis" is awarded to young scientists for outstanding scientific work in the field of transfusion medicine and/or its border areas. Applicants should not have reached the age of 36 at the time of application. In general, the award is made to a single person. In special cases, the Executive Board may decide on a deviation.

The requirements and regulations can be found under this link Fritz-Schiff-Preis (dgti.de)

Applicants must also submit a brief curriculum vitae (age and academic background). Applicants must submit their award work to the office by 1st March 2024 (kontakt@dgti.de).

The DGTI has decided to introduce the "Promotionspreis" award category for significant doctoral theses in the field of transfusion medicine in 2022. The aim of the award is also to contribute to promoting the attractiveness of transfusion medicine research in Germany as a centre of science.

This should particularly recognise original, excellent, methodologically outstanding and significant dissertations.

The prizewinner receives a certificate for the "Promotionspreis". The prize is also endowed with free registration for the next DGTI annual conference and a travel grant of 500 euros.

The requirements and regulations are described under the link Promotionspreis (dgti.de). You can also access the application form via this link. This must be submitted together with the required attachments, including a letter of support from a transfusion medicine specialist, to the office at kontakt@dgti.de by 30 March 2024.


The six best oral and poster contributions will be awarded EUR 500 and EUR 250 respectively and will receive an invitation to the next annual conference.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, 13 September 2024 at 15:10 in the "Congress Closing and Award Ceremonies" in Room Y - Plenum.

The DGTI and the DGI are once again awarding the usual travel grants to support participation in the annual meeting to academic staff or healthcare professionals in transfusion medicine and transplant immunology institutes. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2024. The requirements for applying for DGTI travel grants and the DGTI application form can be found below. For the DGI Travel Bursaries, DGI members please note the corresponding notifications.

Prerequisites for applying for DGTI travel bursaries for academics are The applicant should not be older than 35 years of age at the time of the Annual Meeting and be the presenting author of an abstract submitted for and accepted for presentation at the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Application form

 Please send your requests to kontakt@dgti.de. The deadline for applications is July 31, 2024.